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Whether you are buying or selling a property, hiring an attorney to assist with the process is highly recommended and invaluable. These transactions are often complicated and require the reviewing and preparation of various legal documents from listing to closing. At times, Buyers or Sellers may need to enforce contractual rights or even cancel contracts. Every real estate transaction is unique, and navigating through one alone can be difficult and overwhelming. The best way to secure your rights in these transactions is by having an attorney. Our attorneys will work closely with you through every step of your transaction, from attorney review through closing, guiding you on your contractual rights and obligations. Our upfront flat fees means no surprise up-charges at the closing table. We have worked with first-time home-buyers, seasoned investors, and everyone in-between. If you are currently considering selling or buying, or have entered into a contract for the purchase and sale of a property, contact this office for a free consultation.



It is one of the most important documents anyone could sign, while also being a document hardly anybody wants to think about. But the fact is we all need to think about our Will, and any other documents required to facilitate our estate planning. No matter how simple or complex our estate might be, without the proper documents, what happens to that estate is completely out of our hands should something unexpected happen. If you already have a Will, but have not updated it in some time, consider consulting with an attorney to see if any changes are necessary due to any life changes. If you wish to properly safeguard your real and personal property, or ensure that minor children are cared for in a certain manner in the event of death or illness, the best way to do that is to execute a Will with the help of an experienced attorney.



Whether you are looking to file for an LLC, Corporation, or need an agreement regarding the formation of or structure of your business, our firm offers a variety of legal and professional services for business owners. Contact our office today to discuss your business and potential needs. 


Magão Law, LLC is a boutique Law Firm here to provide personalized legal representation in various areas that have a significant impact in the lives of every day people. We pride ourselves on properly and effectively communicating with our clients.

We firmly believe that each client should be treated with the utmost respect regardless of the nature of the matter. Our attorneys are accessible, responsive, and technologically sophisticated.


The firm's ultimate goal is to not only represent our client's interests, but to actually help our clients and guide them in a manner that they understand the situation and process at hand at any given time. 

Delilah Magao, Esq.
Delilah Magao, Esq.
Direct: (908) 956-7078

Delilah Magao is part of the class of the new generation of lawyers; a bilingual woman brought up by hard working parents, she has traditional family values and a remarkable work ethic. Spending the first few years of her life in Puerto Rico, Ms. Magao is fluent in both English and Spanish and possesses an ability to both communicate and relate to a wide array of people across social and cultural boundaries. Her ties to New Jersey are strong; she is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick and obtained her law degree from Rutgers School of Law–Newark. She is currently a licensed attorney in the State of New Jersey.


Beyond being passionately devoted to the legal profession, Ms. Magao is highly committed to assisting her Clients throughout the most significant times in their lives: whether it be closing the sale of a home for first time buyers or representing Clients in complicated family matters, she is willing to take the extra step to ensure that Clients are up to date on the status of their case while taking the time to make sure she communicates with them so that they have the best possible understanding of the legal complexities of each individual case. Ms. Magao prides herself on being responsive and sensitive to Client’s needs.


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Ms. Magao’s decision to open her own Law Office was based in part on her desire to be accessible to her Clients on a more personable level rather than being faced with the pressure of “billable hours” that larger law firms put on associates which inevitably creates a distance and inaccessibility between the lawyer and Client. Furthermore, she found that she excels as an attorney when working within the areas of law she is most passionate and knowledgeable about. If you are interested in working with an attorney who is compassionate and committed to the legal profession and to achieving her Clients’ best results, please contact the Law Office of Delilah Magao for a free initial consultation.


Activities at Rutgers School of Law—Newark


During law school, Ms. Magao continued her involvement in student organizations and was first a representative, then Vice President of Community Affairs of the Association of Latin American Law Students (ALALS) as well as the Community Affairs Chair of the Minority Student Program (MSP) Student Committee. But more dearly to Ms. Magao’s heart was the Rutgers Street Law Program. From 2011-2013, Ms. Magao worked as an assistant Director for Street Law and was also a student teacher. In her professional capacity, she was in charge of organizing the program placements and putting together the curriculum of lessons for each student teacher and participating schools each semester. Ms. Magao was also in charge of becoming familiar with the current issues and New Jersey law on cyber-bullying which she used to develop awareness and prevention lessons for middle and high school students. Beyond her professional capacity, she also volunteered her time as a student teacher for the program and had various placements throughout the years, sharing her love and passion of law by teaching lessons in law to middle and high school students in the surrounding Newark area. As a result of her participation as a student teacher for the Street Law Program she was a Pro Bono Award recipient at her law school commencement.


In addition to being passionate about community organizations, Ms. Magao was also a part of the Intellectual Property division of the Rutgers Law School Community Law Clinic. As a clinical law student, Ms. Magao was a member United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Law School Clinical Certification Pilot Program. There, she excelled in her work with Clients, assisting them with trademark registrations and other related intellectual property matters. In the spring of 2013, Ms. Magao served as a research assistant to Rutgers School of Law Professor John Kettle under his supervision for the Intellectual Property Division of the Community Law Clinic.


Ms. Magao served as the Notes Editor for the Rutgers Business Law Review. In the spring of 2013, her article, Good for Whose Business? The Highly Profitable Exploitation of NCAA Athletes’ Intellectual Property Rights, 10 Rutgers Bus. L.J. (Spring 2013), was published therein.


Undergraduate Activities at Rutgers University—New Brunswick


While attending Rutgers University and working toward her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Ms. Magao stayed actively involved in student organizations and community affairs, acting as President of the well-established Rutgers Union Estudiantil Puertorriquena. She also minored in Political Science and Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies. In the summer of 2008, just prior to graduating, Ms. Magao was selected to participate in the Hispanic Interns in Community Service Program Latino Leaders Fellowship Institute where she was placed to work in the New Jersey Division on Women, A Division of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. She exceled in this program and received one of two scholarships granted through the Fellowship Institute.


Magao Law, LLC

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We are conveniently located off of Exit 135 on the Garden State Parkway. Parking is available in the back of the building where the main entrance to our office and the building is.

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