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Flat fee residential real estate closings: $1,100-$1,300

Our firm understands that the process of selling and buying homes can be overwhelming. Our firm provides real estate clients with a simple and straightforward checklist of considerations regarding the sale or purchase of a property. We offer a flat fee because we understand that costs are an important consideration and no one should have to worry with unexpected legal fees at the closing table. 

The purchase of a home is most often the largest investment and purchase one will make. A client should never have to choose between having their attorney draft or review necessary documents regarding their matter and the potential cost. Home buyers who choose our firm will begin the transaction being able to confidently account for their legal fee (a portion of the closing costs) knowing that any document review, negotiating, and document drafting will not be an additional expense. 

Home sellers can feel confident in accounting for their legal fee when calculating net proceeds. In addition, sellers are provided with written information regarding the documents they must produce in order to close as well as having the convenience of executing closing documents prior to closing which saves the time of physically attending the actual closing.

We understand that often professionals and recent home sellers and purchasers are asked about attorney fees. Past clients, real estate agents, brokers, lenders, and other professionals can confidently refer the firm and pass on rate information as the advertised rate is honored and is truly a flat fee. We encourage our clients and the professionals we work with to forward our fee information as we understand and appreciate the importance of knowing the necessary costs required for the process. Below is our brochure and  accompanying PDF download link to download for review and dissemination.

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